After Years Of Loyalty – Senior Dog Sent At A Shelter Because ‘No One Had Time For Him’

From the different cruel people categories toward animals, the ones who abandon their pets after years of them showing nothing but loyalty at their human families are the worst ones.

Jake is a cute 16-years old Collie, that was abandoned at a shelter because his owners simply had no more time for him.

The story of Jake is a heartbreaking one, I mean who wouldn’t feel broken if they got abandoned from their family like an unimportant trash after 16 long years, the people that are supposed to be his family and take care of him, dumped the poor dog at the Humane Society of Crawford County in Ohio.

The director of HSCC, Victoria Carmean, told that the poor animal looked confused and scared, as he was looking all around the place his family left him.

This is the Carmen’s post:

“Yesterday a beautiful 16 yr old Collie came to us. He was surrendered because no one had time for him. After 16 years of being a loyal companion, guardian of children, confidant and protector he was discarded. We gave him the quietest kennel we could find as he looked around in fear and confusion. He didn’t question or fight… he followed me with trust and dignity and the wisdom that comes with old dogs.”

Carmean did all she could to find him another home, and after two hours they contacted Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio, that promised to give our sad Jake a home.

Using their senior dogs program, Jake will be put in a new home with other senior dogs in the same situation as him, they kissed him and snuggled him assuring that they will give all the love he needs to heal from this pain.

Photo credit: Humane Society serving Crawford County

Carmean explained with strong words on a Facebook post, why this job means so much for her, and people shared her post over 21.000 times.

“We are told ‘I could never work THERE I don’t know how you do it,’” she wrote at the end of her post, “but we wouldn’t work anywhere else!! We work here because people can be cruel and irresponsible and we want only to help those who haven’t a voice of their own. We work here because we know we make a difference one cute fuzzy face at a time. We work here for the puppy kisses, the soft kitty pats, and the the blessing of finding pets a new home where they will live in peace’’

Thank you Carmean, these words hit us straight to the heart.


Since originally posting this story, Jake has found a home. But Almost Home Dog Rescue always has loving dogs looking for forever families. You can view their adoption listings on their website.

Share Jake’s story with your friends and the wonderful work these rescues do for senior dogs.

H/t Humane Society Serving Crawford County

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