Girlfriend sells soldier’s beloved dog on Craigslist while he’s deployed

A man’s best friend is believed to be the dog, people may come and go but your furry friend stays loyal to you until the end.

The bond between a man and his dog is something incredible so we don’t quite understand when others try to come in between them.

Just imagine if you were overseas in a military deployment and you get the news that your beloved pet has been sold…and that by your own girlfriend.

This was the case of a man that decided to trust the wrong person, and he had to find out a way to get his best friend back.

Robert Gabbert, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, got his dog Shiba Inu Baxter as a little puppy and the dog became his best friend quickly.

Sadly the two had to spend some time apart: Robert was frequently deployed to Afghanistan as a member of the US army.

Facebook/The Washington Times

When he had the first deployment he sent the dog to stay with his dad and had no problems, but in 2014 had another deployment and his girlfriend offered to take care of the canine.

But while he was overseas the girlfriend had problems taking care of the dog, Robert even told her if you have problems just ship him to my dad.

But she did something unexpected instead.

“She never did call me,” Robert’s father told the Daily Mail. “Next thing we hear, she’d gone and sold him on the Internet!”

Normally Robert got devastated by the news.

“That’s his baby. He bought that dog before he went the first time,” his father said.

“It upset him pretty much when he found out she got rid of it.”

The story went viral soon and people went mad, they couldn’t believe anyone could sell the pet of their boyfriend let alone on craigslist.

But as the story was getting bigger, thankfully reached the people who bought Baxter, it seemed like the family who got him had no idea what was happening and when they learned they felt terrible.

“I think the people that bought the dog and read the stories and felt bad,” Robert’s father told the Daily Mail.

“I guess, there’s been so many people supporting Robbie, that the family came forward with the dog and they’re going to return it.”

It turned out the children got attached tk the pooch immediately but they were still kind and returned him to his owner.

We are so shocked that anyone can be so cruel and do something this evil.

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