Homeless Dog Keeps Following Strangers On The Street, Hoping Someone Will Notice Him

A sweet dog named Buzu is a stray in Romania that is doing his best to make someone notice him.

Someone felt bad for him and set up a cardboard dog house with a cushion inside. When Howl of A Dog spotted him, they saw that he would follow after people, trying to get their attention.

They shared on YouTube:

“Buzu spent his days sleeping in his little ‘shelter’ or wandering around the streets longing for attention and food scraps. We asked passers-by and people in that neighborhood, trying to get more details about Buzu and if he had an owner. All we managed to find out was that he was a stray dog and had been living in that area for more than a year.”

Living on the streets is not easy at all, when rescuers returned to the pooch they saw that his cardboard house was gone.

Youtube/Howl Of A Dog

“After so much time on the streets he seemed in a way resigned to his fate, to his life of unending loneliness,” they observed.

They took the dog back to their shelter and there they tended to his fleas and patched fur. He had skin issues and an ear infection from being left to fend for himself for such a long time.

“His teeth were extremely torn, due to improper food, such as bones that he most likely ate when he was homeless,” they said.

The dog’s life changed completely after one year in their care. He was adopted by a family in the UK, he joined Emma and her other dog in their home, where he is spoiled with love and attention.

Source: Youtube/Howl Of A Dog

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