Mom Secretly Adopts Dog Her Daughters Wanted To Save From Shelter

Animals that live in shelters go through many ups and downs and not always it’s an easy life there.

A dog named Rosie would have died in a shelter if  she didn’t get adopted, this is what Toni and her daughters MacKenna and Kerrigan read on the dogs adoption profile online.

MacKenna and Kerrigan’s hearts were set on helping the poor dog, but when they saw that her listing was gone, their hearts stopped, thinking the shelter dog might have been euthanized. But thankfully that was far from what happened.

Actually Toni and her husband Stephen had secretly adopted Rosie and arranged for the dog to be flown out to them.

The girls have such a sweet reaction when they meet the furry it warms you inside.

Source: Youtube/The Dodo

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