Mother dog saves life of abandoned newborn baby by cuddling up with her in the cold

There are so many stray dogs in the world, just relying on the occasional kindness of humans to get by. While many people pass them by, there are also nice people who will stop to give them some food or even a home.

When one woman was followed home by an abandoned dog she met at a gas station, she knew she had to help — leading to a happy ending for this poor pup.

(Picture: Tahir Ibn Manzoor/SWNS)

According to SWNS, locals in the Chhattisgarh province of India found the newborn in a field after hearing her crying. She was apparently abandoned by her parents: The baby was naked and still had the umbilical cord attached.

However, she wasn’t alone: the locals found her with a mother dog and her puppies, who were seemingly keeping the baby warm overnight by laying beside her.

(Picture: Tahir Ibn Manzoor/SWNS)

The bystanders concluded that the dog’s motherly instincts likely saved the child’s life during the overnight temperature drop.

“It’s possibly the warmth from puppies and their mother itself who had kept this new born alive,” one anonymous local told SWNS.

(Picture: Tahir Ibn Manzoor/SWNS)

Officers arrived on the scene to handle the case, and the newborn, now named Akanksha, was taken to the hospital and examined by doctors.

A criminal investigation is now ongoing to find the infant’s neglectful parents: “They are not parents, they are criminals,” a local named Premnath said.

(Picture: Tahir Ibn Manzoor/SWNS)

While it’s a heartbreaking situation, it’s still a miracle that the baby survived at all, thanks to this caring mother dog.

“It is a miracle only to find new born baby surviving when stray dogs are lurking every now and then at the dead of the night.”

(Picture: Tahir Ibn Manzoor/SWNS)

What a miracle. Thank god this dog was there to keep this poor newborn warm and alive during the cold night.

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