Loyal German Shepherd rescues her pit bull best friend trapped in heavy snow

Almost every dog out there loves to play in the snow, but as it turned out it can also be quite dangerous, especially if you’re a short legged pup. But thankfully, with the best friend by your side to save the day, the deep snow can only be fun!

In a truly heartwarming scene, a brave German Shepherd comes to the rescue of her very best friend, after she got stuck in the snow. It only took a few moments for the brave German Shepherd to make her buddy feel comfortable again. The lovely moment unfolded in front of the two dogs’ dad, who even caught it on his cellphone.

Knuckles, a very sweet pittie, and her friend Kanawha, an adorable German Shepherd, love going on adventures together. But while Knuckles always acts childish, Kanawha is there to help her, just as an older sister does. “Kanawha frequently gets frustrated having to help Knuckles out of jams so it was almost like he chastised her at the end,” Brian said. “It really isn’t behaviour out of the ordinary for these two.”

It is what happened this time, too. It was snowing in New York, and the owner Brian Wagner decided to take his two furry friends outside to play in the snow. But their excitement soon paled as a snowstorm begun all of a sudden!

The tiny Knuckles got stranded in the heavy snow and she could not find a way out. But fortunately, her caring friend was just there to give her some extra paws straight away. Soon she noticed her friend struggling to make her back to them, the caring Kanawha jumped on the snow and cleared a path and rescued the helpless pittie.

“I couldn’t help but chuckle at Knuckles,” the Brooklynite explained. “When she had walked around the back of the dumpster, the snow was quite shallow. However, when she hit the thick powder, it didn’t occur to her to retrace her steps so she just sat there.”

The moment was caught on camera by Brian, and it is so beautiful. Take a peek:

Source: Youtube/Caters Clips

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