Loyal Dog Helps Keep Owner Alive After Paralyzing Fall In Snow Traps Him For 20 Hours

A Michigan man survived a harrowing ordeal thanks to his loyal Golden Retriever, Kelsey. On New Year’s Eve, Bob went outside to grab another log for his fire when he slipped and broke his neck. Unable to move, he called out for help.

But it was futile, with his nearest neighbor living a quarter-mile away. As he lay paralyzed in the snow with temperatures dropping below freezing, Kelsey ran out to him. She stayed by his side and licked his face and hands to keep him warm.

“She kept barking for help but never left my side. She kept me warm and alert. I knew I had to persevere through this and that it was my choice to stay alive,” said Bob.

It wasn’t until the following day (New Year’s Day) at 6:30pm when another nearby resident came by and found Bob lying unconscious on the ground. By then he had been laying outside for 20 hours.

He was rushed to hospital and diagnosed as hypothermic, but miraculously did not have any frostbite – no doubt thanks to Kelsey.

He had herniated discs in his neck and back that was causing paralysis in his legs but he has undergone successful surgery and “on the road to recovery”. Both doctors and Bob credit Kelsey as the true hero of Bob’s 20-hour ordeal saying that she was “vital” in keeping him alive!

Source: Youtube/Inside Edition

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