Dog With Broken Bones Shudders At Human Touch, But A Woman Begs For Her Trust

Eliza June, a pit bull mix, was abandoned on the road by her owners, resulting in her being hit by a vehicle. Eliza June was dazed, shaking and crying from the traumatic experience when a rescue discovered her. While she recovered from her injuries, the shelter had a difficult time accepting her mental scars and classified her as “extremely aggressive.”

Annie Morgan volunteered to care for the difficult Eliza. The poor dog had a broken pelvis, a fractured hip, and a bruised lung, but it was her psychological injuries that caused her to become uncontrollably aggressive.

Eliza had an intense fear of human touch, and she shuddered at the sight of a leash or collar. Eliza took her time to get used to Annie during her early days in foster care. Eliza went into a corner and shut off, as if anticipating that Annie would harm her.

Eliza’s cowering fear-dominant posture was distressing to observe, but Annie became even more resolved to heal the baby’s damagedness. This film offers a heartbreaking look into Eliza’s struggle to repair her shattered soul after finding solace with Annie.

It’s hard to imagine those huggy kisses and tail wags at the end of the video are from the same terrified puppy that began the clip! Eliza has not only blossomed into a kindhearted sweetheart, but she’s also managed to take “foster” out with it! We’re ecstatic for them both!

Source: Youtube/The Dodo

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