18-Year-Old Dog Abandoned At Vet Clinic Because Owners Said He Was Too ‘Stupid’

At eighteen years of age, Figgy began suffering a few mishaps in his home, and his owners determined they couldn’t deal with it any longer.

They got him to a veterinary office to be euthanized, and while they were abandoning him there, they said to the employees that he was stupid, which was part of the cause they were leaving him behind.

The people at the vet clinic took one look at the elder pup and fell in love — and determined just at that time that there was no chance they were going to put him down.

After conducting a lot of exams, staffers at the veterinarian facility found out that although Figgy was blind, arthritic and had a mouth filled with bad teeth, he was actually quite healthy for a pooch of that age, and there was certainly no need to terminate his life.

Therefore, they chose to get in touch with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue to check if it had space for one more golden oldie. The rescue immediately accepted, and Figgy was taken to San Francisco to be moved into its care.

Since Figgy was blind and had been through so much, rather than placing him in the main shelter, Sherri Franklin, the founder of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, took him home with her instead for a calm, quiet transition.

“He was a total love bug and slept with me curled up in my armpit. I just loved him,” Franklin shared.

Figgy went from being undesired to being highly welcomed into a caring rescue home within just a few days — and just four days after coming into the rescue’s protection, a person contacted them about wishing to provide Figgy his forever home.A lady named Eileen, who has provided a home to numerous hospice pups from Muttville before, quickly stumbled upon Figgy’s profile and realized she needed to be the one to adopt him.

“There’s something about him that called to me,” Eileen stated. “He’ll be our fifth hospice angel.”

Franklin was sure right away that Eileen would be a wonderful match for Figgy, and drove the pooch to his new permanent home at the earliest opportunity. Figgy is currently enjoying life with his new loved ones, including Miss Abbie, that was also adopted from Muttville.

Their momma adores them both very much, and enjoys every single moment of being with them, even though she doesn’t get to have them for a long time.

More info: Donate to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue | h/t: thedodo

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