Woman Lets Elderly Possum Sleep In Her Garage, Her Nephew Shares Photo Online And People Love It

A somewhat unusual guest has taken up residence in this woman’s garage. It’s an opossum, or Hank, as he’s affectionately called.

The animal may not have the same charm as kittens and puppies, but it is adorable in its own way and many think we should be grateful for opossums, as they help to eliminate ticks and other pests that can cause diseases in humans.

According to the Reddit user who shared the story, the grumpy-looking old creature has been a regular visitor to his aunt’s house for a couple of years. When winter came, he started sleeping in the garage, so she showed him some of the good old Southern hospitality and put a blanket and snacks for him.

Although Hank is not a pet, he seems to have come to the conclusion that her garage is a safe shelter for him.

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