Pizza Delivery Guy Stops His Work To Rescue Lost Dog

Your regular pizza delivery guy’s job is to bring your warm, cheesy, amazing meal to you but for Steven Donovan, it might also include rescuing a lost dog from a busy street in the middle of his work.

Donovan was making his rounds when he spotted a small dog hanging around the neighborhood. “I was about to turn onto a major road and I saw him run across the street,” He said. “I immediately turned around and went back. I couldn’t just leave the dog out there.”

 First, Steven took the pizza to its destination and even tho he was late, when he explained his reasons, the customers were quite understanding and then he was off to deliver the little guy named Mr. Snickers to its home.

When he reached the address on Mr. Snickers’ tag, he learned his humans had recently moved and that’s probably why he got lost. Some neighbors that knew the little guy took him in and made sure he went back to his owner.

h/t: The Dodo

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