10-Year-Old Boy Visits Shelter Every Weekend To Read Books To Dogs – He Doesn’t Want Them To Feel Lonely

Although education starts at home and is strengthened further in schools, there are certain indications that a child is on the right track. And seeing good gestures like this at an early age sends out a very good message.

Through Instagram, we learned about the remarkable hobby of Evan, a 10-year-old boy who loves to spend his weekends reading books to lonely dogs at the Animal Care Center in New York City.

This hobby was born the day his mother found a stray dog tied to a fence, that same day, they took him to a shelter. After he left, Evan himself began to find out how he could become a volunteer at the center.

“I always wanted to work with dogs and I was excited when she told me I could read to them,” said the boy who has been supporting the institution since August.

There are many dogs that can get stressed out in the tense environment of the shelters, not all of them are the same, and the noise or just the closeness to others can give them a hard time.

“The most rewarding experience is when I try to specifically help a dog at risk and I can see almost immediately the impact and how they react when I read to them. They start to calm down, and some even fall asleep,” he said.

Believe it or not, even if they don’t understand much of what they hear, hearing someone’s voice, feeling that attention, can make a difference to them.

“They get in the front of the kennel and end up curled up in their beds snoring. I’m glad about that because I can tell they’re scared and stressed out. Sometimes I bring toys for the dogs that I read to as a reward for being a listener, but I end up giving them toys to almost all of them,” said the little boy.

Among Evan’s future goals is to create his own shelter to continue providing this kind of therapy he gives to his four-legged friends. Thank you for that noble heart and those selfless attentions you give just starting to know life.

We need more young people like Evan to make the world a better place.

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