Heartwarming moment caring dog comforts sick deer found on owner’s ranch

When comes to caring for those in need, nothing compares with a dog’s gentle soul. Apparently, these sweet creatures have been specially designed to comfort others. Recently, a selfless puppy nursed an injured deer back to health, after sitting next to her and comforting her until helps arrived.

The now viral story won everyone’s heart on the Internet, after Nashville-based musician, Pat Pollifrone, shared it online. It was his beloved dog, Zoey, the one that melted people’s hearts with his kindness. Apparently, an ill deer got lost on Pat’s property in Cheatham County, Tennessee, but his immediately jumped in to help the hopeless creature.

“Found this little sweetheart yesterday in the yard and took her back in the woods,” the musician wrote on Instagram. “Came out this morning, and she was laying in the driveway. So I guess we have a deer now.”

The fact she kept coming back made Pat to think that the wild animal might be in trouble and she was looking for shelter. And so it was as the sweet tiny creature was not just very hungry, but also with a pretty serious eye infection. So he decided to help her out. He also, constantly shared footages of his guest – named Bambi – who quickly befriended his furry companion, Zoey.

Taking Instagram, Pat wrote: “Just helping the critter get on her feet. She has been drinking goat milk and walking around the yard today, and the infection in her eye is looking a lot better after pulling some ticks.” Yet, the cutest of his post was the one with the caring Zoey cuddling with his newest friend. “Words can’t describe this cuteness,” Pat captioned the lovely scene.

The artist also said he asked for help at some wildlife rescue centers , but for various reason they turned him down. But Pat is determined to look after the deer as long as it takes. “So we will continue to care for the baby until mama comes back,” he wrote. “She is doing SO MUCH BETTER!…Taking goats milk🙌 eye infection is clearing up and the ticks have left her alone👍👍👍.”

Featured image source: Pat Pollifrone/Instagram

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