Woman in Kyiv seen comforting cat in her arms as air raid sirens blare in the background

Animals in Ukraine are now at the mercy of humans to rescue them from the bombardment and continuous shelling.

The war on Ukraine has not only affected its human civilians but also its animal population, who cannot even begin to fathom whatever’s going on around them. Constant bombardments, ruthless shelling, and sirens blaring are enough to scare us, humans, to death so just imagine what these helpless creatures may be experiencing. 

One woman in Ukraine seems to have understood this as she was seen comforting a cat by cradling it in her arms. Reporter Trey Yingst, who captured the heartwarming sight, shared the video on Twitter. In the clip, the woman can be seen walking down the sidewalk as she carries a black cat and rubs her cheeks against its head as air sirens continue blasting in the background. 

It remains unclear whether the woman owns the cat or if she found it somewhere. Nonetheless, the fact that both of them need comforting and have found momentary solace in each other is sweet in a heartbreaking way. People on Twitter were left equally devasted to behold the bittersweet sight. “Every time I see these cat images, I’m surprised the cat doesn’t panic and run. I can only imagine the cats are so frightened, they freeze instead,” wrote one.

Another shed light on the ruthless fact of war. “I feel terrible for all the animals left behind, hurt, and hungry,” they shared. Thankfully, there are still people in Ukraine who are doing their best to rescue as many stray and abandoned animals as possible. “A Polish animal shelter on the border of Ukraine is saving animals affected by the war. ‘It’s in my heart,’ one veterinarian said,” read the caption of a video post shared by The New York Times.

The video begins by revealing how an animal hospital in Poland has been sending “pet rescue squads over the border into Ukraine” and that a “truckload of anxious animals” arrive at the facility every day. A veterinarian at the hospital, Radek Fedaczynski, appears in the video and says, “Help for these animals is our work, and we must help these Ukrainian dogs and cats and also people because they are part of their family.”

“It’s in my heart. We must help, and please help us because we could do this together. Not alone,” he continued. 

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