The Ginger Kitty Finds Mini-Me Version Of Himself And Adopts Him As His Own

As soon as Evin and Minnie laid eyes on each other, it was brotherly love at first sight.

The two met when one of their owners brought Minnie home and the little cat, an almost identical but smaller looking version of Evin, instantly started following him around, giving the kitty no other choice than to take him in and make him his new cuddle buddy.

Jessica Ryan, mother of the lovely two-some claims that they “nonstop wrestle, play and snuggle. They also clean each other after meals. They’re best friends.” She said that Minnie probably clung on to Evin because of the similarity between the two.

The ginger cuties were rescued from the dairy farm Jessica’s boyfriend works at. They adopted Evin back in 2014 and just recently, when they found Minnie’s litter at the farm, they brought him home too and they’re now inseparable.


I mean, who wouldn’t want a mini-me to play around with all day? Evin and Minnie are two lucky kitties.


More info: Instagram

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