Brave Policeman Rescue Stray Puppy Who Fell Into Ravine 30 Metres Deep – Kind Person Begged To Adopt Him Just After Rescue

The Animal Vigilance Brigade of the SSC carries out rescue and protection actions for the fauna living in Mexico City that is at risk, and reminds the population that animals are living beings that require care and time, so they are invited to take care of them and not to mistreat them.

The SSC personnel descended to the animal’s location and performed tactics for the rescue maneuver. Members of the Animal Vigilance Brigade (BVA) of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City (CDMX) rescued a puppy in a ravine in the Álvaro Obregón district.

The action occurred when police officers from the Animal Surveillance Brigade went to Calle 23 in the Olivar del Conde Segunda Sección neighborhood, after receiving a report of “a small animal that was in a situation where its physical integrity was in danger”.

“At the scene, a man indicated that, when passing by the place, he noticed that a dog fell into a ravine approximately 30 meters deep, so he called the emergency services to get it out,” said the SCC statement.”

The SSC personnel descended to where the pet was and after being equipped, they carried out the corresponding techniques and tactics for the rescue maneuver.

Upon arrival, the police officers approached the puppy, carried it and tranquilized it, and after verifying that it was in good health conditions, they proceeded to take it out.

At the end of the rescue, one person said that he would adopt the puppy, so after making some recommendations for its care, it was handed over to him.

Lovely story!

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