Street Dog with No Back Legs Suffered Alone – Nobody Wanted to Help Until He Met a good Samaritan

Many stray dogs are exposed to traffic accidents, which kill some of them and leave others wounded and in pain without medical care or even public support in most cases.

Our story is about a poor dog who had an accident, which lost him to his two hind legs, and what was worse, the driver who ran over him did not even stop to provide first aid.

He was dragging by himself, waiting for someone to help him. In a car accident, he lost his back legs. He had been struggling to make ends meet on the streets, suffering and in way, and no one wanted to help him until he met a good Samaritan.

The kind woman made step to help the poor dog, She asked a local rescuer to help this poor creature. Nampetch Petch and his team got a call and rushed to help him. They gave him some food and managed to catch him. He seemed to know someone come to help him.

He was so calm and trusting. They gave him some basic medical attention before transporting him to the Hua Hin Pet Village Hospital. He was showered with love and nursing care.

Day by day the sweet dog doing well, he is very friendely dog, he likes eerybody in the shelter.

He’s now at his loving shelter. He will be cared for and loved for the rest of his life. Thanks to Nampetch Petch and the team for giving him a better life.

Source: Youtube/AnimalSTEP Official

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