Scared puppies rescued from mistreatment – cuddle with each other for comfort

Some dogs go through a lot of trauma in life — and when things are rough, it’s always good to have a friend you can turn to.

That’s definitely the case for two puppies, who were saved from terrible conditions — and in a sweet, heartbreaking photo, cuddled with one another after being taken to safety.

Facebook/Animal Charity of Ohio

According to a Facebook post from the Animal Charity of Ohio, three dogs — a mother and her two puppies — were found living in “deplorable conditions” in a home in Youngstown, after a humane agent was called to investigate following a tip from a concerned citizen.

The dogs, now named Lady, Peaches, and Layla, were all taken into the safety of the Animal Charity of Ohio.

Facebook/Animal Charity of Ohio

The dogs were reportedly “very frightened” after enduring so much neglect, and one image showed both their trauma and loving spirit: the puppies “cling to each other for comfort” while in isolation.

Arriving in a shelter can be a scary experience, especially after having such a bad time in their previous home. But it’s sweet to see these puppy siblings have each other for love and support.

Facebook/Animal Charity of Ohio

And thankfully these dogs are now getting all the love they have so long been denied: “They will now get the medical care and socialization they so desperately need,” the charity wrote.

While they arrived scared and skittish, Peaches and Layla are now settling in well. “Peaches and Layla are really starting to enjoy all the attention they are getting!” Animal Charity of Ohio wrote in an update on Facebook, sharing a photo of two happier-looking pups:

May be an image of dog and indoor
Facebook/Animal Charity of Ohio

What a sweet photo — we’re so glad these dogs are doing well now after being rescued, and have each other for love and comfort through it all.

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