Woman Who Took Care Of Chained Dog For Over A Year Finally Able To Take Her Home

Woman Never Stops Trying To Rescue Sweet Dog Chained To A Tree 

Laura Seymour first saw Takia a year ago. The Akita dog was chained up to a doghouse at a neighbor’s home. She immediately observed that the dog did not have food or water in her bowl. Despite the dog’s size and the fact they were strangers, Seymour decided to introduce herself. She was surprised that the dog was very friendly and well-behaved. She began a regular routine, visiting Takia three times a week to give her food and water.

As their friendship grew, so did Seymour’s concern. Takia was left outside day and night, in the pouring rain, bitter cold and scorching summers in Virginia. She grew so fond of Takia she thought of stealing her to save the chained dog from her misery. But Seymour knew that wasn’t the route to take. So she called animal control, but the officers called her back to tell her that as long as Takia had food, water and shelter, she wasn’t necessarily being neglected.

Nevertheless, Seymour continued to visit Takia for a full year to ensure Takia was taken care of. Then, in the summer, concerned for Takia’s welfare in the hot weather, Seymour brought her mother over to introduce her to Takia. Seymour’s mother encouraged her to call animal control again.

The next day, Seymour heard the news she had been longing to hear. Takia’s owner had surrendered her. They asked Seymour if she knew someone willing to adopt Takia, and of course, Seymour immediately volunteered.

Source: Youtube/The Dodo

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