3-Month Old Kittens Come To Listen To A Street Singer That Everyone Else Ignored

The job of a street singer can be tough as the audience might not be particularly receptive some days.

Jass Pangkor, a Malaysia-based performer was having one of these difficult days when all of a sudden, the most unexpected audience showed up to enjoy his music: a group of 4 3-month-old kittens, who sat in front of him to hear him play, even moving their tiny heads to the beat of the music.

The video of Jass playing for the kittens is up on youtube and the owner of the video shared: “It’s like [they] know his feeling and give him support.” He also said that the kittens stayed there until Pangkor finished his song and then thanked the kittens for watching.

 The best part? At one point, the kittens started to bob their fuzzy little heads along with the beat!

Watch the adorable video below:

This is just lovely!

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