Deaf Dog Takes Care Of Rescued Kittens As If They Were His Own

Animals are kind by nature. It is not difficult to go to a shelter and see the disposition they have for giving us love. And it works in the same way between them.

One example of this was at the Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles, where two kittens that needed to be rescued were taken to the shelter.

Photo credit: alleycatrescue

Both were inseparable but they were very sick, they needed medical attention but above all a lot of love. They always cuddled together as they went through the treatments. With each purr it was more noticeable that they were inseparable brothers.

The white kitten was called James and the tabby Jacobi. Anytime they were separated they cried a lot and you could tell that they did not want to be moved away from the other.

Photo credit: alleycatrescue

Things got better when they met a deaf 5-year-old dog, who paid a lot of attention to them from the moment he met them. This dog had also been rescued from a bad place, where he clearly lacked attention and much love.

Photo credit: alleycatrescue

Now they are a trio and together they give each other the love that life had denied them. Wherever these kittens go the deaf dog takes care of them. As soon as they arrived at the foster home, Pickles laid down next to them and licked them.

Luckily the kittens seem to be very comfortable with the dog, they now cling to him for warmth and comfort.

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