Elephant Thinks Her Caretaker Is Drowning And Rushes To The River To Save Him

This happened in a nature park in Thailand, where several elephants were walking along a river in the company of their caretaker named Derrick.

At some point, Derrick is in the water and seems to get carried away by the current. Fortunately for him, his elephant, without a second thought, rushes to his rescue in a heroic manner.

But wait…is it me or the man doesn’t look very desperate? Well, he’s not really in much danger. Still, the elephant keeps running to him and helps him with his trunk so he can hold on and get out.

The man definitely wasn’t in trouble, but that doesn’t take away the bravery of his elephant, which at least won the hearts of many Youtube users who have already watched the video more than 15 million times.

Source: Youtube/elephantnews

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