Kind-Hearted Dog Comforts The Orphaned Fawns His Owner Rescues

The recovery of an animal is a very delicate process. It does not happen overnight, and there is always a critical period of time when adaptation is required.

And no one understands this better than another animal. That’s why when we came across the case of “Sarge”, a huge German shepherd who helps wild animals to recover, on Twitter, we couldn’t help but notice it.

He became known through a publication of the account @Dog_rates and quickly went viral, although little information is handled, there they specify that he constantly helps his owners to save different species.

In a brief photographic compilation you can see all the processes that he goes through to help a little deer, from his new friend’s initial shyness, to the stage when he becomes confident and they play together.

Sarge is much more than a pet and he teaches us a powerful lesson. While there are owners who constantly neglect their pets, he cares about the welfare of other species selflessly, with the sole intention of helping.

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