Poor Puppy And Kitten Left Abandoned In The Rain, Until A Hero Stepped In

Stranded on the side of a road and chained to a sofa is not the life for a puppy. This chained puppy seemed to be all alone.

Someone reported the sighting to the Michigan Humane Society and one man heard the call. Chris Ouwerkerk is a rescue driver for the Michigan Humane Society. He deals with saving unfortunate animals every day. When he heard that this little puppy was chained to a sofa on the side of a road, he jumped into action.

Taking the mission statement of the Michigan Humane Society to another level, this man knew his job would make a difference to a lonely, abandoned pup this day.

What he didn’t plan for was that this little puppy was not alone. A friendship had blossomed and this unlikely dog and cat duo would not leave each other’s sides.

The love that these two animals show for one another is simply beautiful. It will melt the coldest of hearts. Chris Ouwerkerk rescued two homeless and abandoned animals and showed more compassion than the previous owners ever could.

Take a look at this super sweet video and see for yourself. Camarin and Tomas took shelter from the rain together and have built a friendship out of their own unfortunate circumstances.

Source: Youtube/Michigan Humane

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