Police Smash Car Window To Save The Life Of An Elderly Dog

Police stopped a helpless Yorkshire Terrier from roasting to death after it was left in a hot car by smashing the driver’s window.

PCSOs Bethany De’Ath and James Lievesley spotted the dog desperately trying to crouch in the footwell of the car in Bulwell near Nottingham yesterday on one of the hottest days of the year.

The officers from Nottinghamshire Police were forced to smash the driver’s window of the car to rescue the 12-year-old dog, who looked terrified while desperately panting before it was saved.

Ms De’Ath said: ‘The windows were up, apart from one which was open an inch. There was no fresh air getting in. We put our fingers in the car and it was like a sauna in there.

‘We tried to contact the owner. (The dog) looked agitated and was hot and bothered. When we tried knocking on the window he got more agitated and was clearly extremely distressed.’

The terrier was given water and checked over by the dog warden before going home with its owner, who was given a verbal warning about leaving animals in hot cars.

Police and vets are warning people of the dangers of leaving their pets in cars during heatwaves.

‘You only have to cast your mind back to the days of vinyl seats, when you couldn’t get in your car. It can soar well above 100C in ten or 15 minutes if a car’s in direct sunlight.


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