47 cats rescued from hoarding situation after living in van with homeless owner

It’s heartbreaking to think of the terrible conditions some animals have to live with. When you have a pet it’s your responsibility to keep them happy, healthy and safe, but that’s sadly not everyone is capable of that.

Recently, the Animal Humane Society dealt with a shocking case as 47 cats were rescued from a hoarding situation involving a homeless owner.

According to a release from the AHS, the four dozen cats were living with their owner in a van in Minnesota. That is far too many cats for any person to properly take care of, let alone someone with no real shelter of their own, and as a result the cats suffered in the stifling heat.

“Sweltering June heat and humidity. No home, no air conditioning,” AHS described the scene.

Facebook/Animal Humane Society

It’s presumable that the owner meant no harm to these cats — as a homeless person living out of their van, this individual was clearly struggling and had no one to turn to.

But thankfully, the cats are in better hands now: the 47 animals were removed from the van and provided with “much-needed care,” according to the AHS, who responded alongside the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office.

“Our expert veterinarians have just started examining each cat, providing vaccinations, balanced nutrition, specialized behavioral rehabilitation, and spay/neuter surgery,” they wrote.

Facebook/Animal Humane Society

The cats’ ages range from under a year to 12 years old. Despite the hot and unsanitary conditions they lived through, the AHS says that they are “in relatively good health,” although they were dehydrated.

The owner of the cats also received care, and was assessed on the scene by paramedics and provided with medical resources.

The cats continue to receive medical attention, a process that the AHS says could take days or weeks. Once they have been fully treated, they will be placed up for adoption.

In the meantime, these cats are enjoying some comfort and space that they’ve never known before.

“Yesterday, 47 animals’ lives were irrevocably changed,” AHS wrote. “Today, 47 cats are finally experiencing what it’s like to have their own space in which to sleep, play, and eat.”

We hope the homeless owner gets the help and resources they need.

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