Woman Cycling In Desert Finds Dying Puppy On Road In Middle Of Nowhere

It was 105 degree heat in the desert of southern Arizona when a bicyclist saw a puppy delirious and walking in circles on the asphalt.

Diane Lea, founder and bicyclist of 50 Causes Ride, was cycling to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. She was being filmed by Liz Watkins who was also driving the RV with supplies.

On day 9 of their 50 day trek, Diane saw an animal walking in circles in the middle of the road in the desert and when she took a closer look the animal turned out to be a dying puppy!

Diane brought the puppy back to her RV to resuscitate it. Her RV was filled with many “road treasures” – objects discarded by people on the road. But none would turn out to be as precious as this puppy!

Source: Youtube/Watkins Productions // reshareworthy.com

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