Heartbroken Shelter Dog Stops Eating Because No One Wants Him

Alone in his kennel, Dozer had been waiting for almost a year at the Agoura Animal Care Center in California for someone to pick him and take him home.

But no one came. The Pit Bull mix grew so depressed that he stopped eating.

Volunteers took notice of Dozer’s failing health and wanted to help him. They took a photo of him with a sign around his neck, describing his character and his story.

The sign read: “Why doesn’t anyone want me? I’ve been at the Agoura Animal Shelter for almost a whole year! I’ve become so sad, I’ve lost interest in eating. They volunteers tell me I’m such a good boy. I’m housebroken, great with kids, and love people. All I want is for someone to love me…could that be you? Love Dozer.”

When his photo was posted to social media, Dozer’s sad story quickly spread as animal lovers banded together in an effort to find Dozer a family.

Within a short time several families had expressed interest in him.

He received 96 phone calls and had more meet and greets in two days than he had in almost a year. The shelter received many promising applications and within a few short days, Dozer was adopted!

It’s amazing the power social media has to change a dog’s life. Share Dozer’s happy ending with the dog lovers you know!

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