Pit Bull Caught On Camera Being Thrown Away – Gets Adopted 30 Minutes After Arriving At Shelter

Hidden cameras for illegal dumping in Kansas City, Missouri helped rescue an abandoned dog. The 3-year-old Pit Bull mix was abandoned by his owners at a notorious illegal dumping site in the city.

In the footage, the white dog is seen been pushed from the vehicle and then running after his owner’s car.

Photo credit: KCMO

When city inspector Alan Ashurst saw the pictures of the dog, now named Mojave, a week later when reviewing the footage he admits he “Went into a little rage”. Usually the code enforcer spots people throwing out trash, tires and junk. But seeing the dog made Ashurst very angry.

Ashurst contacted an animal health and public safety officer he knew to help and the two men set out to find and rescue Mojave. They brought a cage for the dog and on their second day of looking they saw him. All it took was to offer Mojave a can of dog food and he was at their side.

Mojave was taken to KC Pet Project animal shelter to be put up for adoption. He didn’t stay long.

“Wow, that was quick! Mojave wasn’t at our Zona Rosa location 30 minutes before this fun couple came in, met him, and fell in love with him, the shelter shared. “They weren’t aware of his story, but we were able to share that with them. He’ll have a new doggie best friend at home to play with a family to love and spoil him. Congrats Mojave!”

Hidden camera saves abandoned dog, later adopted at Zona Rosa facility —  The Platte County Citizen
Photo credit: KC Pet Project

As for Mojave’s previous owner, investigators traced the car’s license plate and have charged the man with animal abandonment, not having a proper pet license, allowing an animal to run at large, and neglecting to have a Pit Bull breed neutered.

Source: Youtube/Amazing MK

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