Dad runs around with disabled puppy in his arms so he can still play with his siblings

It’s always inspiring to see what people will do for their dogs, especially when they have special needs.

Some dogs can’t get around very easily, but their kind owners go out of their way to make sure they still live life to the fullest. That’s what one heartwarming video shows, as a man carries his disabled dog around so he can play with his friends.

TikTok user @JOOSELINE.0 shared the video, and explained that one of her dogs couldn’t get around quite as well as the others due to a disease.

“My puppy has canine hypertrophic osteodystrophy, he can’t exert much effort because it hurts,” she wrote.

But while the puppy has limited mobility, he has someone willing to help him out: Jooseline’s dad, who is seen carrying the puppy around.

When the family’s other three dogs start running around, he runs with them, making sure the disabled dog isn’t left out of the fun.

And they both look like they’re having a blast:

“My dad lets him enjoy the time as much as the others,” Jooseline wrote.

The heartwarming video is set to James Blunt’s song “Beautiful,” which seems fitting: it’s a beautiful gesture, ensuring that the dog feels just as loved as the others.

Video: @JOOSELINE.0 shared the video

What a heartwarming thing to see.

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