This Puppy Was Thrown Away Because He’s “Different”, Until His New Humans Accepted Him For Who He Is

Petey the dog is not like many other dogs and not only because of his fun, loving nature despite the rough times he endured at the beginning of his life.

He has a brain condition called cerebellar hypoplasia that makes him different and means his cerebellum is not fully developed.

He was found by a woman that was walking home from picking up her son at school and spotted Petey and his brother walking aimlessly, in very bad shape.

She rushed them to the vet and although Petey’s brother sadly couldn’t make it, the cutie kept going, even through his condition.

Today, Petey is one happy, loving dog that found a couple who cares for him, no matter how different he is. He learned to eat on his own and loves to play around and be cuddled, so it’s safe to say he got a happy ending, after all.

More info: Sacramento SPCA – Facebook

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