Man spots distressed mama horse then sees tiny foal trapped in bridge next to her

Wild animals tend to get themselves into sticky situations, and for this mama horse, her baby got trapped in a bridge. Although the mama horse couldn’t do much to help her baby, she wouldn’t leave its side; luckily for the both of them, this man came to their rescue.

While driving down the road, something caught this man’s eye to where he had to pull over and see what was going on. At first, he sees a horse just standing on the bridge, not moving. Curious as to why the horse isn’t moving, he starts to walk on the bridge, and that’s when he sees the baby.

Trapped in the bridge is a foal, and the man puts two and two together that the horse that won’t leave its side is its mother. As the man approaches carefully, he knows he has to help the poor baby, and the mother knows the only way her baby will be free is if she lets the man help.

Animals can sense when they are in danger in the presence of another animal, but this mama knew it was more dangerous for the man not to come and help her baby. Mother animals are usually very protective of their babies, but this mother knew she had to let the man pick up her baby and carry it to safety.

The man gains the mother’s trust by stroking the foal’s mane many times and assuring them he is here to help. He can realize the mother is calm, and so he goes to the rescue. He gets the foal unstuck and carries it across the bridge to safety.

Not many people would notice what was happening with this horse and her baby while driving, and lots of people would be nervous to help and probably drive off. The mother and her foal were lucky that this man took action and helped them.

It’s nice to see the mother and her baby stroll along on their way together without tragedy striking. It is also great to see such a good samaritan take the time out of his day to help this duo.

If this man never came across these horse’s paths and helped them like the hero he is, who knows what would have happened to the poor baby!

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